Nurture vs nature

The Dalton sisters, Maddie and Cheyenne.

Having two talented and accomplished kids in one family adds to the data set to the argument about born ability and how it can be realized. I suspect that more kids than we know have abilities that can be brought out by careful coaching. To me, homeschooling seems to do a better job of individualized development.

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  1. Jim R says:

    There is a line in one of Heinlein’s novels, “Space Cadet”*, to the effect:

    “If we taught children all that they COULD learn, the race would be much better off.”

    At other points, there are lamentations that the teenaged main character, Matt Dodson, wasn’t properly grounded in such topics as quite high-level math when he was in HIGH SCHOOL.

    Heinlein believed – and I think that he was on to something – that kids CAN learn far more than we expect from them, and that they (and, by extension, the whole race) is better off if we attempt to teach them all they can handle.


    (*) The term not having developed then the negative connotation that it has today.

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