Once an object of desire…

…until the first time I tried it.

Turned out, Beretta 12S is an ergonomic nightmare, with badly designed sights and safety. The back-pressure from the sound suppressor also threw gunk into the user’s face from the ejection port. Had submachine guns been in wide civilian use, they would have improved a lot quicker than in our reality…there’s no substitute for a large non-institutional user base when it comes to refining a product.

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8 Responses to Once an object of desire…

  1. So, it’s true to most other Berettae.

  2. Jim R says:

    Your linked essay on the importance of customer feedback was interesting and informative. Thank you. I entirely agree with your points. I must wonder how, say, the M-1 or M-1911 (or even the XM-16E1) would have turned out had they been on the civilian market for a decade or so before our troops had to use them in combat.

  3. .454 says:

    I’ve always thought the 12S was a sweet looking gun. Interesting to hear it’s not all that!

  4. Tam says:


    One of my favorite buzzguns.

  5. Sigivald says:

    I have an old replica non-firing-not-even-airsoft Beretta 12.

    Beautiful object.

    Not surprised it isn’t actually very useful.

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