Migrating to new social media location (updated post)

FB just blocked me for a week for a photo linked in a private message. That kind of idiocy makes it rather less useful for anything, so I will be moving the majority of my social media posting to MeWe. Please link my profile from your own social media to popularize it.

Update: originally, I posted a link to a page requiring login. The updated link goes to the public profile page.

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2 Responses to Migrating to new social media location (updated post)

  1. Cork (Blaine) Byers says:

    Just signed up. Will share yours on mine! Thx.

  2. Mrs.W says:

    Ah. That’s why you aren’t answering your messages. 🙂 Bummer. They finally tipped you over. Signing up on MeWe isn’t working for me. Says “Try Again Later”. Maybe I will later. I’m on a computer fast right now except for checking messages once a day anyway.

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