Random strangers on camera

On my way back from Pyramyd Air Cup 2018, I took a snapshot of a young child at Columbus airport. The eye-tracking feature of my new Sony camera worked extremely well, getting the focus just right even at 2.8 fairly close up. The kid’s mother and I talked for a while, turned out she was also heading to Nashville.

Today, I took a few studio photos of them. I’ve only edited one so far, but quite a few came out well. The kid, being a very positive, smiley cherub, stole the show.

The kid’s aunt, his mother’s younger sister, came along for company and also ended up on camera. This way, I met interesting people and gained an interesting local model. I like how things just work out.

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2 Responses to Random strangers on camera

  1. Rick says:

    Need more pictures of the sister.

  2. Serža says:

    Nice picture with Sa58 😉
    Do you know actual successor CZ Bren2?

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