Was Aaron right in his assertion? We will never know…but the Israeli experience suggests that he was correct. The murders of civilians during WW2 are distant history. Massacres of civilians in general remain common…thousands killed in Zanzibar massacre of 1964 may be old history…as are tens of thousands of the anti-Sikh pogroms in 1984 India…or the hundreds of thousands in 1993-94 Rwanda and Burundi. During events like New Orleans flood or Los Angeles riots, police are either absent or act as looters, so the same Mauser rifle or its modern equivalent becomes a useful life insurance for your family.

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  1. TJIC says:

    Great post, and great nod to Aaron.

    I’m not a Jew, but this message is so important that I’m a lifetime member of JPFO.

  2. Weston says:

    I remember watching Uprising and Defiance, and reading about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. And I thought, “how hard would it have been for the Nazis if all the Jews in Europe had fought like this?”

  3. vvova says:

    kak израильский гражданин сказу вам, что не очень помогает, когда вся улица с автоматами, в случае теракта да, а вот криминал- каждый солдат заранее знает, что хоть он 100500 %прав его всё равно посадят или долго трепать будут, так что дело в законах первично imhjo

  4. Camtec says:

    Excellent poster. The guy in the rear looks like an American indian.

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