Seen at the range today

9 year old shotgun shooter with Mossberg 500 Youth in 20ga

The infamous Garand "ping": en bloc clip is ejected once shot empty

Knoxx recoil reducing stock in action. On high-resolution image, you can see the entire shotgun moving back against spring pressure.

This is why muzzle blast reducers and sound suppressors are important. Click on the image to see the amount of ejecta even with the low-power .22LR!

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7 Responses to Seen at the range today

  1. Art Welling says:

    I have the Knoxx stock on a home defense Remington 870. It’s quite impressive both in build quality and efficiency. The ‘recoil reduction’ process actually works very well indeed.

    • Jason Roberts says:

      I recently got to try a shotgun with the Knoxx stock. Indeed it did reduce felt recoil.

  2. Alec aka a_dreiz says:

    So Garand DOES make that “ding” once the clip is empty? I’ve heard lots of controversial statements on that…

    • Oleg Volk says:

      The clip will make a sound when hitting solid ground (but not grass or soft earth). The report of the shots is so much louder than any mechanical noises that the clip ejection is an aural non-event.

    • Scott Johnson says:

      I can hear mine ping as it exits the rifle. But I suspect only the shooter can hear it.

  3. docjim505 says:

    Ditto Scott Johnson: I can hear my Garand when the clip is ejected. FWIW, I describe the sound as more of a “clang”.

  4. R. says:

    Would it be possible to convert a Garand to 7.62×54?
    Maybe I should just get a SVT-40.. these are common here.

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