Bad day for the squirrels.

Marlin XT22 with Trijicon 1-4x scope. Neat rifle with great trigger. I also really like the clarity of the scope.

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2 Responses to Bad day for the squirrels.

  1. Dandapani says:

    That’s how I shoot a rifle. Dominant eye is left, but I’m RH’ed.

  2. Lyle says:

    “Dominant eye is left, but I’m RH’ed.”
    I shot that way for decades. It works perfectly well. I often wonder at the fuss that’s made over having the bolt handle on the “proper” side. It doesn’t take fine dexterity to operate the bolt, so it works either way (dominant or non-dominant hand on the bolt). In any case we are encouraged to practice shooting weak handed as well as strong-hand.

    Shooting cross-dominant, it might be argued, at least with a light rifle, could be an advantage in that the trigger hand can stay in place as the bolt is worked. It could also be argued that it would present a safety problem for the same reason. So practice.

    Now when it comes to a sidelock percussion or flintlock, there’s the issue of priming flash to add into the mix.

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