Same brand, not the same image

McDonald's interior in Prague New City.


If you click to zoom in on the images, you can see comparative prices (19.5 Czech Crown = 1 USD), though local salaries are a bit lower than the US also.

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4 Responses to Same brand, not the same image

  1. jeff says:

    Last time I was in Praha (2002ish) I don’t remember there being too many McDonalds, or Starbucks thankfully. Although I tried to avoid an American fast food while overseas, I’m glad you got these shots, it’s an interesting contrast.

  2. Beaumont says:

    Here in the States, that would be the interior of a Panera or similar coffeeshop. McD’s could increase their market share here if they offered such amenities. Instead, you usually find dirty Formica and employees who think “hygiene” is a greeting.

  3. Y. says:

    All other McD’s I’ve seen in Czech Republic look different, and much like the US ones.
    This one looks just like another coffee-shop for tourists..

    McDonald’s are fortunately not as common as in the US.
    For the price of a meal in McD’s, one can buy a regular meal in any pub or non-tourist restaurant.

    Very few people receive salaries.
    Wages are lower, median is ~ 800$ after taxes a month.

  4. I’ll be in Prague next month, I’m really looking forward to it! Somehow, however, I doubt I’ll end up in a McDonalds.

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