Another Benchmade, this time fixed blade.

From the same source as the folder.

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4 Responses to Another Benchmade, this time fixed blade.

  1. Vad says:

    Looks interesting. Can you vouch for that site being trustworthy?
    Who does their CC processing? Are they PCI compliant and did they have a penetration test done by someone reputable?

    I like some optics and blades. And the H&Ks…

  2. Mr.Pointy says:

    Beautiful detail in the photo as usual, and a cool looking blade to boot.

    “A” for effort on the handle wrapping, but you might want to watch the instructional video benchmade has on the product website before doing another.

  3. nexy jo says:

    thanks for the link to the video Mr. Pointy. i just picked up one of these locally (last one in stock) and i really am impressed with the feel, manufacturing, and balance. it’ll take a little practice wrapping the handle though – the first try looks like a second attempt is warranted.

  4. Ammo says:

    Quite unique and having superb finish, good to see.

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