Armed reader

She’s reading “Knowing Guns” (written by Stu Chisholm and illustrated by me). The pistol is a Metro Arms American Classic II in a Vega holster.

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  1. Y. says:

    Another bloody .45 .. and when someone fancies a 10mm, the only one who makes guns in that calibre is the funny Austrians.

    Who, to add insult to injury have never heard of SA or non-plasticky guns..

    • Oleg Volk says:

      STI makes plenty of 10mm steel-framed guns. And EAA imports Italian 10mm CZ clones.

    • Michael R says:

      There’s a few 10mm out there. But there’s a reason the 10mm isn’t being used.

      • Y. says:

        If there’s one, I can’t really see it, beyond people being silly.
        Slightly more powerful than the popular and widely lauded .357. Some loadings can produce identical ballistics.

        Smaller size.

        What’s not to love, really?

        • Y. says:

          By ‘identical’ I meant, a little vaguely same weight, same kinetic energy..

          Of course , .357 .40 projectile, even though weight is the same, but the effect on the target is probably the same, assuming same projectile shape, KE a velocity..

  2. BLADE says:

    Ordered the book because I made the knife on the cover, then I started reading it and found it to be very informative. Never thought about the whole ‘Environmental Lead’ thing, Stu brought it all to light. It’s available on Amazon. Another nice photo from Oleg. BLADE

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  4. Y. says:

    Italians make 10mm clones? Huh. Thanks! Also – sorry for the tone.

    STI is right out – importing stuff from the US is a paperwork nightmare, first the ATF, then the local bureaucrats and then you have to submit the gun for testing if it hasn’t been imported yet. And of course proofmarks – US ones are not recognized..

    The Slovak Grand Power company is now selling .40 and .45 model of their originally 9×19 rotating barrel pistol with which I’m quite happy. I’m hopeful 10×25 or .357 is just a matter of time.

    Curiously, Slovak Republic has a unique ban on pistols with muzzle energy over 1000J…

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