Prvi Partizan


From one of my current projects.

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5 Responses to Prvi Partizan

  1. Ray says:

    Good ammo!

  2. Dick Summers says:

    Only source for 8mm Lebel.

    • Michael Blum says:

      Yup; they just got their first new lot of 8mm Lebel shipped a month or two ago. I think they’re Boxer-primed, and thus (more easily) reloadable.

  3. Awelowynt says:

    Good Lord! I didn’t know a Nagant pistol could look so pretty.

  4. jimbob86 says:

    I found their Nagant ammo weak and having inconsistant muzzle velocities ….. the 7.62x54r was very good, though. The -06 stuff my dad bought worked pretty well, but we did not have a chance to chronograph or shoot it for groups from a bench.

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