Scheduling dilemma.

This year, Porcfest and Libertycon overlap. Not sure how to be both places at once. Porcfest would be interesting and place me near some of my clients from NH and MA. But driving to it would require going through NY and that’s right out. Is there any way to get to it by land without going through CT, NY or MA?

Update: Rob Pincus asked the same question and got legal advice —

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  1. StukaPilot says:

    end-run via Canada. Though that might be even worse

  2. precision270 says:

    There is always the northern route, But, that takes you through the VERY gun friendly area known as Canada.

    I know, not much help.

  3. Leatherwing says:

    Sounds like there’s a business opportunity for somebody with a transport plane to “smuggle” people over the restrictive states.

  4. Tony Lekas says:

    Also, it is my understanding that FOPA may not cover ammunition. Some do carry it, others either ship it or purchase it at the destination. If you want to ship anything other than firearms or Class III items I’ll be glad to receive them and get them to you. Ammo and magazines would be no problem.

    If you will make it to PorcFest please let me know when you will be here. Alicia and I will be at PorcFest and would enjoy getting together with you again. I expect to be teaching the Firearms Etiquette classes at PorcFest again this year.

    • LarryArnold says:

      What do you teach in “Firearms Etiquette?” I’d be happy to swap lesson plans from my classes.

      • Tony Lekas says:

        I don’t really have a fixed lesson plan for this. It is fairly informal and interactive. I mainly want to get people to think about what they are doing. I am an NRA Training Counselor and do teach more formal classes on Basic Pistol and Personal Protection as well as Instructor Workshops. I would be glad to see the lesson plans you use.

        PorcFest is one of the two annual events of the Free State Project (FSP) in NH. If you don’t know what the FSP is see

        At PorcFest we get from 1,000-2,000 people coming to a large campground in the mountains in NH. The attendees are from all over the country and some from outside the US. They are a wide mix of pro personal liberty people. This year will be the 11th year the event has been held.

        We have had some problems with people who are pro 2nd Amendment but have been unable to carry where they live so they are unfamiliar with it. In NH open carry without paperwork is legal so we get a lot of people carrying who are not used to doing so and have not really thought about it. Early on we had problems with people handling firearms unsafely and I had to politely talk some people who had consumed significant amounts of ethanol or other substances into handing their firearm over to me for safe keeping till the next day. In the hope of reducing this sort of thing I started offering this “class” and I also put together a flier that was included in everyone’s packet and that was posted around the venue.

        I don’t know if it was due to this or something else but we have had much less trouble after the first few years. The class is sometimes recorded. One is at:

        The handout/flier can be found at:

        • LarryArnold says:

          Cool. You have a very friendly presentation.

          We don’t have open handgun carry in Texas, and we’re surrounded by CHL states, so we don’t have your problem as much. Although at venues like FoNRA events I do see folks who haven’t conceal carried enough to be comfortable with it. Hanging up on chairs and such.

          I include range etiquette in new-shooter classes.

          I’ve been teaching a “Buying Your First Handgun” class, two hours classroom + two hours range, through our community education program. Drop me an email to larry a talonsite com and I’ll send the PPT.

  5. Tony Lekas says:

    In a more direct answer to your question, you could take a boat from some gun friendly state on the coast into Portsmouth NH. Just stay far enough offshore when passing the unfriendly states. Not sure if it is 3 or 12 miles these days.

  6. Matthew Carberry says:

    Drive up through VA, WV, PA and cross NY state up in the western / northern “freer” counties.

    Better scenery and big risk difference compared to driving up the coast highways past Mega-City One (DC-B’more-Boston-Camden/Trenton/Newark-NYC) where *all* the Staties and locals are anti-gun.

  7. Siege says:

    After a recent ruling, you can’t get me to drive through PA any more than you could get me to drive through NJ:

    • Tony Lekas says:

      The ruling just brings PA in line with other states. It removes the extra protection PA provided. Not good but it doesn’t make PA any worse than most other states. If this will cause you to not drive through PA what state would you drive through?

  8. precision270 says:

    You could in theory, cross over from PA to DE. Then drive down to a place like Rehoboth Beach, DE and charter a fishing captain to be your water taxi to Hampton NH. That is NOT gonna be cheap. Overland driving distance is 460 miles. Over ocean looks to be a bit more. Just in fuel that is gonna be several hundred dollars.
    In my family’s 21 footer that would be 100 gallons one way. Our boat has a 70 gallon tank.

    Our local fishing charters are $900-1500 for the day in a 30-40 foot diesel boat. Of course they provide fishing gear, bait and the like, but we travel about 100 miles.

  9. Will says:

    You might consider checking with:

    He’s got a Cessna 172 (?), and seems willing to fly to interesting gun venues. He’s in VA, I think. Appears to be a standup guy.

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