Italian airplane

Can anybody identify this plane and its markings?

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  1. Donna Hornsby says:

    Looks like a WWII Beech C-45 or C-45G to me…

  2. raven says:

    Looks like a Beechcraft 18.

  3. SteveG says:

    Italian Air Force markings I believe

  4. Hugh Davis says:

    LeO 451T – originally French but captured and pressed into service with the Germans and Italians. The T designation was for transport variants that the Italians and Germans used and would seat up to 17 men. Markings are indeed correct for fascist era military planes.

  5. Robert M says:

    A Italian company named Piaggio made planes about that time frame.
    Yep, later to build Vespa’s.

  6. Eric Yoder says:

    Yes, it’s a Beechcraft Model 18. Military used them for everything from Light Bombers, Transports, Trainers etc. They were built from before WWII til the late 60s. Italian Air Force had 100 or so after the war. Not sure which specific model/designation is in the picture. The paint scheme follows the Italian Air force’s late 30s to middle of WWII style. Looks like a reenactors paint ob or something maybe.

    Here is a Beechcraft 18 for comparison. There are many variants around.

  7. Michael B. says:

    See the image about halfway down the page of this Beech 18 (or C-45, AT-7, AT-11, etc.) … notice the shape of the rudder.

    Dunno why it’s got Italian fascist markings … for a movie perhaps? I don’t see modern registration numbers.

    Michael B.

  8. Tom Katz says:

    Beech 18, I owned and flew several of them. Likely Italian paint .

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