My father’s marksmanship skills amaze me every range trip. Tavor at 100 yards, standing, with an unmagnified optic — four hits in a row on a helmet-sized skillet that was barely visible against the background. He hit a paper plate with a Sig P238, causing it to turn sideways on the support — then shot it edge-on!

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5 Responses to Hit!

  1. Lyle says:

    Good man.

  2. Merle Morrison says:

    Years of practice are bound to be worth something!

    Merle nu

  3. l2a3 says:

    Generally those who learned to shoot with iron sights (before this optic red dot stuff, where close is good enough), learned the proper procedures for “aimed” fire at a distance and truly know the principles of marksmanship, compared to most of today’s shooters. It took many years of practice to get to that level of proficiency.

    Yes my Dad was one of them, truly impressed the hell out of me when I thought I was “great” with iron sights; his groups made mine look like a shotgun pattern (even after 20 years of shooting) and I will admit, “He whipped my ass and shot rings around me” with those iron sights.

    I was proud of him and proud to call him “MY DAD”!

  4. Jim R says:

    Had a similar experience a few weeks ago. I consider it right and natural that the man who taught me to shoot is still my master on the range. It’s a pretty good feeling, actually.

  5. MajMike says:

    Don’t piss him off.

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