Replacing Samsung Galaxy S4

Looking for suggestions on a replacement Android phone — mainly interested in good battery life, similar size to S4. Other considerations are secondary.

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  1. JPD says:

    I moved up from the 4 to the 5. Significantly better phone, with very good battery life.

  2. Linoge says:

    I’ve been quite happy with my Amazon-Prime-sponsored Moto G4. The camera’s probably not as good as a flagship phone, but the price ($150) can’t be beat for an unlocked, decently-capable device.

  3. Matt says:

    I moved from the s3 to s5 when the main board died in the s3 about 18 months ago. Battery life is very dependent on use. Heavy wifi or LTE drains it fast. If I use it lightly, I can go 8am to 11pm without recharging. Size wise, it’s sized just right for me to use either one or two thumbs for typing. I plan on using it for another 18-24 months if I can find another new battery, waterproof case, and a qi charging setup with my next paycheck.

  4. BFD says:

    I like the Galaxy Note series a LOT, although I’d avoid the “edge” model. Extended batteries are cheap and an obvious necessity for heavy use. Refurbs are cheap, too.

  5. TB says:

    Root the S4, dump or freeze most of the Sammy bloatware with Titanium BackUp. If your phone has started slowing down as it ages, that will cure a large part of the problem. Different launcher to get around the Touchwiz oddities, or not. A complete new ROM may or may not be worth your effort. Add a new battery if yours is getting tired.

    Cheaper than a new phone, and the current generation aren’t _that_ much better than the S4. Maybe the upcoming Google Pixels will bring major mojo to the market, maybe not.

    Major downside to a rooted phone is loss of warranty – which won’t matter on something that old, and you lose access to Samsung Pay and Google pay with NFC. There are workarounds, but TBH, I haven’t bothered.

  6. nc says:

    I would wait until tomorrow for the announcement of the Google Pixel.

  7. DJ says:

    Sigh …

    I’ve been using an iPhone 4S for more than three years. I charge it once a week. Like the Energizer Bunny, it just keeps on keepin’ on.

    I have heard rumors that an Engineer at Apple is thinking about making an app that’ll let people use an iPhone to make a phone call. Yeah, right. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  8. Brandon says:

    Look into the Google Nexus 5x through the Google Project Fi.

    Full control of the phone without the bloatware.

    Battery life is commensurate with the screen size and granular control of the settings can certainly extend battery life.

    Do, however, turn of the heinous Wi Fi calling unless you like choppy, talking through a fan audio quality.

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