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Propellant packaging

This compressor packages propellant for air rifles. Some of those rifles are small and throw 10 grains at 575fps. Others, slugs up to 411 grains at 800fps. I’ve used a hand pump for my Crosman Marauder, but it cannot produce … Continue reading

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Umarex steps up to support Alexis

Last March, Alexis was in a car accident and injured her right shoulder. Later November, she re-injured the collar bone on the same side. That made practice with full weight firearms impossible. Enter Umarex Morph 3x, a very lightweight convertible … Continue reading

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Two new articles up on AllOutdoor

Crosman 2300S pistol. Ground Strike reactive targets.  

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Less expensive shooting practice

Range time consists of three major expenses: range fees, travel time and ammunition. I shoot on friends’ farms, so the fees aren’t an issue. Ammunition, that I have. I’ve been a packrat a long time, and I no longer do … Continue reading

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