Semi-auto .303 Bren made by Len Savage

This is a semi-automatic closed bolt rifle made by Len Savage on the basis of a Bren light machine gun. Because of the rigid receiver and heavy barrel, this weapon makes up for the lack of automatic fire with good semi-auto sustained capability and 1MOA accuracy with good ammo. The lady who owns it says that it has almost no felt recoil.

If you want a Bren (or a similar gun) of your own, talk to Len Savage:

Historic Arms LLC
1486 Cherry Rd.
Franklin, GA 30217


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5 Responses to Semi-auto .303 Bren made by Len Savage

  1. Matt says:

    Absolutely love this weapon.

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  5. Hajime says:

    While I welcome any apttmet to end the perception that an AR-15 is a tool of murder, and I don’t object to the term, I just don’t feel comfortable referring to mine as a “Modern Sporting Rifle”, since I don’t use it for sport. I have mine for defense in times of civil emergency and natural disasters. I feel that a citizen should be as well armed as a common soldier, and given that most soldiers I’ve talked to prefer to use their M16s in single-fire mode, I feel that the AR-15 gives me most of the same advantages. I have absolutely no intention of ever committing a crime with my weapon. When people ask me about why I have it, I try to explain that it is for when things get really bad, and you want to keep bad people really far away from you. So in my case, I want to give people the impression that while it is not a tool of murder, it is a defensive weapon. Maybe I’ll call it a “Civil Defense Rifle”.

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