Coonan .357 Magnum pistol in use

This weekend, I was finally able to get to the range and try the Coonan pistol. Bulk Ammo provided Fiocchi 125gr JHP and S&B 158gr JSP ammo, so we tried both. Both brands ran 100%. Accuracy was, to quote one of the shooters, “like a laser”. Hitting clays on the berm at 25 yards was very easy. As for the recoil and muzzle flip, you can see how even an imperfect grip was sufficient to keep the gun under control. This particular shooter stands 5’2″ and 95 pounds.

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7 Responses to Coonan .357 Magnum pistol in use

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  2. Stewart Naaden says:

    Her grip is just a little off. With a little encouraging and practice she will be dead on accurate. I see an empty cartridge in the air and the gun is back on target. Maybe with her smaller hands, she can control flip better that way.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      She is already very accurate with it, which is why I didn’t even realize the grip was off till I reviewed the photos. Her normal carry gun is a Sig 225 (P6).

  3. Dan Coonan says:

    Very impressive!
    My three girls are going to be even more impressed!


  4. Scott Johnson says:

    If Coonan want’s to give me one I’ll wear advertising and shoot IDPA with it 🙂

    Of course I am a newbie to the game a sorta stink.

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  6. Deja vu says:

    Very Cool. I like the refinish job.

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