Two photos from a test session.

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5 Responses to Dionna

  1. Second picture: I love how the diverging hair looks a bit like a blur when viewed in low-res, It really adds to the effect of the eyes being the dominating object. (if I zoom in, I think I can make out: you standing besides a light/reflector)

    Was the area around the nose and mouth retouched?

  2. junyo says:

    What a lovely face.

  3. Nikolay says:

    Прелестно! Но тема сисек раскрыта неполно.

  4. Humayoun says:

    Marston’s post got me thinking, and even thoguh this has nothing to do with the comic strip, I don’t know where else to express this to the people behind this blog.Your reviews are great, but in truth, you can get gun and gear reviews anywhere, or even just frequent a competent forum with many opinions. I come to this blog because of its unwavering commitment to give voice to 2A advocates, and not shy away from confronting the antis with their real kryptonite: logic, intelligence, and an unwillingness to compromise our 2A rights. I think the articles that bring to light righteous DGUs, support gun-owners, and confront the lies and tyranny of our enemies is far more important than simply being a site for gun people. I like to think that this blog has changed some minds and spoken to a good number of Americans who truly can be gun people and responsible citizens, if only they could be shown a different side than what the MSM has shoved down their gullets.

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