Kim Breed Custom Knives — Sharp Jewelry

A friend brought several knives to show.

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10 Responses to Kim Breed Custom Knives — Sharp Jewelry

  1. Linoge says:

    I really, really do not need or want to know how much those go for.

  2. Rat Seal says:

    These are pretty spectacular – heirloom quality.

  3. Vad says:

    Pretty. Are they affordable? Do they come in serrated variety?

  4. Mark says:

    I googled Kim Breed, finding references to him and his knives, but not to him. Where is he? How do I contact him? TIA

  5. tad stratton says:

    Kim has been a close fiiend for several years. I happen to have the pictured knives in my possession as we speak. So here are the prices from top to bottom.
    Dasmascus Warnclif folder -$700 with leather scabbard
    Damascus Drop point folder -$650.00 with leather scabbard
    Tactical Drop point folder -$375.00 with nylon scabbard
    All of the three staight knives are $200.00 each.

    Shipping/handleing etc. are extra.

    You would not be disapointed with any of them.

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