New on CTD: Designing Realistic Courses of Fire

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2 Responses to New on CTD: Designing Realistic Courses of Fire

  1. Isaiah says:

    I like it. I may also have both competitors sprint to the targets to check for hits/replace targets, and sprint back. Add some heavy breathing too.

  2. Lyle says:

    I like it. There is no truly realistic method of practice, but the standard IPSC method of having the target layout known in advance, and even allowing the shooter to do a walk-through prior to shooting the stage, is a bit silly. For more realism, the targets should be moving and dodging in reaction to the shooter, and shooting back with paintball or something. Actually, paintball competitions are probably the most realistic of all, except that you’re shooting low recoil, low muzzle blast “weapons”.

    AND if you don’t hunt, there are many very good reasons why you should.

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