Guns as phallic symbols?

The favorite trope of the prohibitionists is that guns are penis substitutes and thus should be banned. While plenty of serious rebuttals to this silly notion exist, let’s humor them for a moment and assume that guns are used to compensate for sexual inadequacy. If compensating for sexual inadequacy is somehow evil, why aren’t they also calling for a ban on Viagra and dildos?

It would be the most common fetish in the country — shared by such a great percentage of the population that it can be considered a norm. If it isn’t the norm despite the extremely high incidence, then gun owners should be considered a minority and treated with the same consideration accorded to GLBTs, ethnic minorities and other traditional underdogs.

We know that guns are tools and they are no more sexually related than cordless drills or zoom lenses for cameras. But the frequency with which Markley’s Law comes up in the anti-gun arguments makes me wonder if they are hiding some nasty fetishes of their own. Some doth protest too much! It’s no surprise that actual fetish photos showing firearms usually display ignorance of safety rules and proper handling, indicating that those who produce them aren’t gun people.

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6 Responses to Guns as phallic symbols?

  1. Paul Koning says:

    As Don Kates pointed out, Freud’s views on this subject were roughly the opposite of what the fake quote you refer to claims. (Note though that Kates’s summary of Freud’s real opinion has been recast into the form of a quote, which it wasn’t.)
    A nice rebuttal is that of L. Neil Smith: “Even if it were true, who’s sicker: somebody who thinks his gun’s a penis, or somebody like Mr. C. who wants to take everybody’s penises away?”
    Your photo is another great rebuttal.

  2. Sean says:

    They say the same crap about Trucks, more specifically 4×4’s and those that have been REALLY jacked up. It’s their favorite line.

  3. Lyle says:

    “…[I] wonder if they are hiding some nasty fetishes of their own.”

    Bingo! Wonder no more.

    I wouldn’t look to Freud for answers though. Freud was something of a pathological figure himself.

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  5. hilljohnny says:

    maybe when a GFW sees someone with a firearm they experience penis shrinkage and assume the armed persons penis is larger because they are relaxed and confident.

  6. MAJMike says:

    I’m compensating for my age (62), my bad knees (can’t run anymore), and my appearance of being an easy target for some your gang-banger.

    Don’t threaten an old guy, he’ll kill you.

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