Keep ammo where it belongs.

Sidesaddles are bulky, and most people I know don’t wear shotshell carriers or ammo belts around the house or in a vehicle.

Hence, the KSG.

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8 Responses to Keep ammo where it belongs.

  1. lf11 says:

    I recently saw one of these at my LGS. They seem to be generally priced in large blobs of Unobtainium, so I, err, yeah, justified the savings account withdrawal afterwards… So beautiful. Even my mother calls it beautiful.

    The girl is pretty, too. Any chance of a high-res suitable for wallpaper?

  2. Yeah, now where can I get one?

  3. LarryArnold says:

    This year many Friends of NRA events are raffling them.

  4. Bob says:

    Sure wish I could afford one on my teacher’s salary…

  5. Joe S. says:

    I’ve yet to see one of the KSG’s anywhere other than in print or internet, they’re a really nice concept but seem more fantasy than true. Speaking of fantasy Sarah is likely one of the loveliest model’s I’ve seen on your web site. Great photography!

  6. Bob says:

    Joe, I saw one at the last gun show I attended…I was interested until the jackwagon behind the table told me that it was $3,000…

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