Upcoming Keltec carbines in the field



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6 Responses to Upcoming Keltec carbines in the field

  1. Dan says:

    KelTec……made of unobtainium. The only thing more difficult to find than a PMR/RMR/CMR is something to shoot through it.

  2. Kris says:

    These are really nice but by the time the average person can buy these in a gun store most of us reading this will have died of old age.

  3. Ray says:

    NO KIDDING! Kel-Tec’s carbines are always “someday” weapons. I want an M-43 “steel and wood bull pup”. I only hope I live long enough to find one for sale.

  4. DAN III says:

    Come on folks….the Keltec pup MAY be nice….but a TAVOR awaits you. Built by IWI in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Readily available. No scalping prices. Great customer service. Several options becoming available such as the 9mm Luger conversion.

    TAVOR. It’s here. It’s now.

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