Where could I buy or borrow a cloth machine gun belt?

Something like this. Need one or two for a photo shoot.

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6 Responses to Where could I buy or borrow a cloth machine gun belt?

  1. Ray says:

    That belt is for a Russian Maxim. Maxim cloth belts are unobtainium in this country. and worth too much money to lone one out. M-1919 cloth belts can still be had, but they don’t look anything like that. I have a steel link belt you can use if that will do it , BUT it won’t look like that ether. P.S the belt is just the links-no ammo as I have no blanks.

  2. Sigivald says:


    A quick web search shows plenty of places who’ll sell you a cloth belt for cheap.

    Probably worth just buying as a prop, in your case.

  3. Leon says:

    I think SARCO advertised some in a recent Shotgun News.

    Long Mountain Outfitters in Nevada might be another source.

  4. I have a couple of cloth Browning belts you can borrow.

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