Hot tea at the range

WOman holding a styrofoam cupo

Her husband brought a little alcohol stove made from a pop can, I had tea fixings, so this young lady got partially defrosted before warming up her hands further on a submachine gun barrel. Sadly, the much promised global warming  wasn’t in evidence.


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12 Responses to Hot tea at the range

  1. Eric says:

    There’s a difference between weather and climate. The weather might be cold but the climate trend is steadily increasing with warmer weather. Also, I didn’t know the Eskimos had a special ops unit.

  2. firedigger says:

    And a H&K P7. Not often seen, but an absolutely great gun.

  3. Simon Tan says:

    Shoot the P7. It gets toasty!

  4. .454 says:

    +1 for P7 love!

  5. Paul Koning says:

    The nice thing about the new slogan “climate change” is that climate always changes. Ask any dinosaur. So if you use it as an excuse for intrusive government, you can’t fail — since the climate always changes, the excuse always works.

  6. David E says:

    I was on the range this afternoon, was terribly cold, actually had to put a windbreaker on…nothing like shooting in AZ in November. 🙂

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