A coming 4x BDC scope

PWS piston rifle with the prototype Lucid 4x prismatic scope.


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4 Responses to A coming 4x BDC scope

  1. Paul Sable says:

    The Lucid might be good for stalking boar…

  2. Lyle says:

    I might be interested in one, but I’d have to see it illuminated. By the looks of their other products, it would probably be about half the price of a 4x ACOG. That will obviously be attractive to many, so long as the quality is there.

    Sighting wedge; 8 MOA long.
    Outside edge of sight wedge is 20 MOA.
    Doesn’t see to add up. Seems to me that should be 16 and not 20, but maybe I misunderstand something.
    I’m assuming that the “4 MOA circle” is actually 8 MOA in diameter. If so I’d call it an 8 MOA circle. But no, wait; if the drop dots are 8 MOA then surely the circle is 16 MOA in diameter, ’cause that first drop dot is right on the edge of the circle. I’m all confused.
    Is this a test?

  3. Don says:

    What kind of gloves are those?

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