Can RFID be used for tracking photo props?

I need a way to tag all objects in my home to be able to find them quickly. Can RFID reader be used to locate items up to 10 yards from the reader, or is the method limited to very short range?

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  1. Matt says:

    Short range if you use standard 125mhz tags, longer is you go with UHF or VHF tags, and you’ll also have collisions if you have multiple objects near each other.

    Do you need RF or would 2D barcodes work? You can print them on nearly indestructible tags and read them with any standard camera phone.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I need to physically located objects in a clutter. Also not sure if they’d work when shielded by other metal objects.

      • Matt says:

        VHF would do what you want then, but it’s rather pricey once you factor in a good reader. IMO don’t even bother with standard 125 mhz tags (hobby grade) as they simply won’t give you the results you’re looking for.

  2. Dub Dublin says:

    I don’t have a link to a product, but can tell you where to find one. There’s a company called DecaWave in Ireland that makes a really clever 802.15.4a radio which can be used to range its wireless nodes to within 4 inches/100 mm. They have OEMs that build RF tags that are used to locate things, but of course you need multiple access points/routers to actually locate, rather than just range (obviously, you need two known points in order to trilaterate a third, and probably three to eliminate ambiguity, depending on the location of those base station points.)
    Short answer: there are technologies that do this, and they’re being used today in industry/warehouses, but you may not judge them suitable for your situation .

  3. Medusaoblongata says:

    There are bluetooth options that might do what you want as well:
    Or, you could restructure your organizational system.

  4. Scott S says:


    Defcon – RFID Extreme Range. I think you’ll get the hits and results you’re looking for. Last I looked a guy I used to work with hit the one mile mark with a directional antenna.

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