Model call update for Pearland, TX (Houston area)

After I received many enthusiastic responses, I found out that the client, Primary Arms, is mainly looking for men ages 21 to 45 or so, their primary target demographic. The photo shoots will be mainly done Monday through Wednesday.

If you are able to participate, please EMAIL ME at with the title “Houston photo shoot” and include phone at which I can reach you, a portrait for me to connect the name with a face, and your availability.

Thank you! Originally, we were going to feature PA staff, but they are unavailable and I am trying to make this work on a short notice.

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2 Responses to Model call update for Pearland, TX (Houston area)

  1. Jim R says:

    Color me shallow, but as a member emeritus of their “target demographic”, I am rather more likely to look at female models* rather than other members of my demographic.


    (*) Tastefully posed and competent-looking, I hasten to add; I feel rather insulted by companies trying to hawk their wares to me with models who are a strong breeze away from being naked and clearly have no clue about the product they are selling.

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