History you can touch

Inland M1 carbine and M1911A1.

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  2. Ray says:

    One: They are a copy of a POST-WW2 Korean war/Vietnam era carbine. IT IS NOT A WW2 CARBINE CLONE. Two: Watch the “Nutinfancy” review of this weapon. Not only did it suck out of the box new, but it STILL sucked after they sent it back to the factory for repair! So many complaints are coming back to our local G&A stores that I know of three self owned shops that won’t carry/sell “Inland Manufacturing” AT ALL. Also the 1911A1 and the Carbine are priced about 200 – 400$ higher than they should be for cheep made investment cast “almost looks like a real one” gun clones. 1911’s made by Rock Island and ORIGANAL M-1 carbines that work well can be had for less money.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Isn’t the ladder sight/button safety/bayonet lug a 1944-45 configuration? As for quality, my experience with an admittedly small sample set has been entirely positive. I’ve had sucky M1 carbines before (two IAIs that would fall apart when handled), so this was a big improvement. It’s about half a grade better than Auto Ordnance branded carbine I have, which in turn is pretty good. Maybe I am just got lucky with these.

      • Ray says:

        No. The round bolt, rear sight , bayonet lug, and “four rivet” hand guard were all recommended or “type approved” changes made in late WW2 but I have never seen a single photo of them in service before 1950. ALL M1, M2 and M3 carbine RECIVERS were made during the war. Some “round bolts” and M2 configuration trigger housings were also manufactured very late in WW2 BUT the configuration sold by “Inland Manufacturing” it that of a late production M-2 selective fire carbine, or a carbine rebuilt under the 1948 to 1950’s “clean and repair” program. I have NEVER seen a single photo of ANY ww2 battle or “stateside” training , of a carbine with the bayonet lug. That is strictly post war. I have owned six original M1’s. I found them all to be wonderfully reliable and deadly accurate within there design limit.

  3. Bob says:

    Wow. That is the most beautiful Carbine stock I have ever seen. Is it USGI, or new manufacture? Any leads on where I could score something similar?

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