A tribute to Charles Bronson

The movie rather understated the effect of 7.62mm ball on humans…

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3 Responses to A tribute to Charles Bronson

  1. It also underestimated how hard it is to shoot a recoil operated MG without a solid mount.

  2. Will says:

    I’m thinking that as a ww2 B-29 gunner, he would have been a bit reluctant to wrap a bare hand around a machinegun barrel shroud, even if shooting blanks. Perhaps that is why he seems to be so conservative in ammo consumption, in addition to the aforementioned handling difficulties.

  3. Michael Miller says:


    John Garfield started this controversy in the movie “Air Force” 1942? Took down a Zero using a hand held 30 cal Browning machine gun removed from an improvised tail gun position in an early model B-17.

    Saw it as a boy in the 60s on a late night movie and even then I said “…eh, maybe”


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