Dangerously bad ammunition (now with updated video)

I posted this video when it became clear that the problems with OATH ammunition are the result of a systematic disregard for quality control. After the first batch of 12ga squibs, they assured me it was limited to one batch with bad primers. Turns out, not so.

The good news: extended magazine tube and stabilizer from Taccom worked out great!

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17 Responses to Dangerously bad ammunition (now with updated video)

  1. David Oldberg says:

    I thought OATH went under?

    Weren’t they the ones not paying contracts & employees a few months ago?

  2. Lyle says:

    I was waiting for the gun barrel to burst, tearing fingers and other various bits from the support hand. You do NOT chamber a fresh round after a squib, due to the chance of a projectile being left in the bore. You STOP, empty the gun, and check the bore for the likely obstruction.

    Anyway, the process of making ammo that ignites properly is not new.

  3. Glenn B says:

    Squib loads often have enough force to cause the projectile to go part way down the bore. Firing another round, without first checking to see if there is a projectile stuck within the bore is not only potentially dangerous but negligent relative to basic firearms safety. The guy doing the shooting seems blissfully ignorant of that and may remain so until a obstructed barrel blows up in his face.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Standard procedure for a squib load is to check the bore for obstruction, but we’ve had so many squibs with this load and were able to observe the slug pushed out of the barrel at low velocity by the primer alone, that we didn’t have to worry about it being stuck.

      • GomeznSA says:

        “didn’t have to worry” – perhaps you should worry in the future, just in case as not necessarily all of the potential obstruction(s) may have exited the bore. Plus you send a bad message to others who are perhaps not quite so gun savvy.

        • Russ says:

          Amen GomeznSA. What unbelievably atrocious gun handling practices. Putt..chamber,Putt..chamber, Putt..chamber…Blam! Are you out of your mind? That he did not have a catastrophic failure is a miracle. Great video on what not to do.

  4. Sven says:

    How exactly do you make ammo that bad?? That’s impressive, I’ve dealt with cold war era surplus that fired 100% and hand reloads my dad made in the 60’s with no FTF. They must’ve been doing it on purpose!

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  6. grendel says:

    Dduplex hexolit slugs have a similar design but actually work and are much cheaper.

  7. Deaf Smith says:

    Next time wear ever BETTER eye protection. Never know when you might need your eyes.

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