Fighting doesn’t guarantee either victory or survival.

But inability to fight pretty much guarantees extinction or subjugation.

“The Last Jew in Vinnytsia” history. A typical American Jew is a little harder to victimize:

The same applies to other ethnic, religious, and behavioural minorities.


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8 Responses to Fighting doesn’t guarantee either victory or survival.

  1. The Zelman Partisans thanks you for your little plug there.

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  3. Thousands of years of cultural evolution distilled into two lines. Elegantly.

  4. Denton Salle says:

    But sadly American Jews still vote for the socialist, statist party in vast majorities

    • oooorgle says:

      Those who vote in political elections are literally criminally insane. To believe I could create a right I don’t have is insane. To believe I can delegate that right to a group is criminally insane.

    • Schoolboy says:

      So if American Jews vote for policies that directly undermine our republic and support violence in media outlets, including the destruction of white families, does that make them the enemy?

      • Oleg Volk says:

        It makes those individuals who support detrimental policies our enemy. Remember that plenty of Jews are for RKBA, for the Constitution and for individual liberty — alienating or attacking them would be stupid, so be very careful to assign blame based on individual culpability rather than group affiliation. Unlike membership in NASDAP, ethnicity is not a marker of evil.

  5. Jim22 says:

    Shared with attribution at The Real Revo. Thank yo for this powerful work.

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