“A strong oath…”

Corroborating my results, GY6 video shows the squib and destabilization problems quite vividly in slow motion.

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  1. Lyle says:

    Q; What happens when someone with only a cursory understanding of the basics comes up with a “Big Idea”?

    A; A significant slice of today’s manufacturing.

    You can get a car with antilock brakes, a brilliant, computer-controlled engine and a total systems interactive network, a rearward-looking camera, GPS, a heated steering wheel, and a flat screen display on the dash, but the fucking defrost doesn’t have enough power to do the job, or the windshield wipers are too weak, or it came with a cigarette lighter but no fucking ash tray, or you need to remove a fucking wheel to clean the battery terminals, or the dash vent directional controls seize up after two years because the plastic shrunk, just like it happened on the same model from ten fucking years ago, or, or, or…..

    So I can sit on the side of the road in luxury as I give my exact coordinates to Dispatch, and then sit and listen to the built-in satellite radio sound system while I wait for roadside assistance.

    So before you get all wet and excited about your next “Big Idea” you might consider the fact that a thing that simply works beats an any and all Awesome! things that don’t work. Some day, someone’s going to get extremely rich with that idea.

    Fortunately, we already have ammo that simply works, and have had for a very long time. So you’re actually going to have to take the time to understand the past 120+ years of smokeless ammunition development’ and THEN understand what’s already available, before you’ll have any clues as to the viability of your “Big Idea”.

    Sorry; it’s a pet peeve of mine, because I’ve had so many people approach me with their “Big Idea” over the years, and they get all fucking pissed when I dismiss them.

    Then there’s the sort of opposite thinking, which says a bobble, a bell and whistle, if it LOOK S badass is a good idea on that basis alone, because so many people are making money on useless bobbles. Therefore it is foolish to waste time getting into silly details of “usefulness”. I know people who think I’m a fool, and I think they’re fools, and that is as it should be– From each perspective, the other truly IS a fool.

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