WW2 Uhertl scope, others like it

Does anyone in or near Nasvhille have such an item that I could photograph? I could use images of any optics older than about 1970.

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3 Responses to WW2 Uhertl scope, others like it

  1. Jay Travis says:

    I’ve got a Bushnell Scope Chief 3x-9x Command Post that dates back to the early to mid-1960s, if that helps. It IS vintage, but probably not what you are looking for if you are wanting an older “military-looking” scope.

  2. JD says:

    have a 1962 Rem 700 with a Tasco scope that I believe is original to the rifle.

  3. l2a3 says:

    I have a J.Unertl scope with mounts, Sr. No.84xx in a wooden case that my Aunt used on a 52B and a service rifle, with the NRA in California, I want to say 1940-1950s if not earlier, as she gave the rig to me to use in small bore match shooting back in 1963. I think it is 8 power or more, but I am not positive.
    I have a cell phone picture of it in its case If I get an email address for you. if interested . BTW I am in Huntsville, AL about 85 miles south of Nashville.

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