For a fee to a good home: 22TCM

A good friend has to sell a 5-inch double-stack Armscor 22TCM/9mm Luger barrel combo. At Bud’s, it runs $621 cash price, which is the lowest retail anywhere. He bought it with 500 rounds of 22TCM ammunition, of which 490 come with the gun. Ten were fired to verify functioning. The pistol is like new in the hard case, ┬ácomes with the total of two 17-round and two 18-round Mecgar magazines. Asking $640 for the lot that would cost over $900 to duplicate. Please inquire with Frank (

Option 2: I buy his 5″ model and you get my 4″ set (same two barrels, with about 200 rounds through the 22TCM upper) for $540.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    … damnit.

    *starts shaking down his couch*

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