Anybody near Nashville able to help me test autofocus of my camera?

My 5DSR is being inconsistent. I’d like to try adjusting it to individual lenses, but it seem that it doesn’t focus the same way twice, so there’s no baseline for adjustments. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? I can work more with my Sony body for now, or use Live View whenever possible…but I want to figure out what the problem is before I dump my huge investment in Canon glass and turn to Nikon in hopes that it’s even slightly better.

Does anyone local to me have experience with testing cameras?

As an aside, does anyone make adapters for use of Canon lenses with Sony bodies that will retain full auto focus? Metabones adapter I am using doesn’t despite being advertised as working that way.

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3 Responses to Anybody near Nashville able to help me test autofocus of my camera?

  1. Threethreeight says:

    Which metabones adapter are you using, and have you tried updating the adapter firmware?

  2. Gewehr98 says:

    Oleg, do you have an autofocus target to see if your camera/lens combinations are front-focusing or back-focusing?

  3. poobie says:

    Oleg, while I’d love to welcome you to the dark side (I’m a Nikon user, predominantly, though I’ve got a Fujifilm X-M1 I play around with too), this sounds way more like a broken camera than anything else. Nikon’s current generation AF is amazing, but your Canon ought to be working better than it is; there are plenty of folks shooting sports and wildlife with that body and lens, and getting good images.

    I guess I’ve been lucky, in that all my Nikon bodies have been accurate enough that I’ve never needed to mess with microadjustments.

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