Making America better, one immigrant at a time

Please read this statement from my friend Jing Zheng. In my opinion, he’s a brilliant inventor, a capable engineer and a great America in all but citizenship status. He was born in China by accident, while his commitment to our country has never wavered. If you have suggestions on expediting his Green Card process, please let me know. He would a great asset to both culture and defense capabilities of America.

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10 Responses to Making America better, one immigrant at a time

  1. henry bowman says:

    Honest question, would he ever vote for a democrat or a cuckservatives ?

  2. Ray says:

    Ya Know. My Mom’s family landed in America from England about 1570. My Fathers people landed in America from Wales in 1697. My wife’s people landed around 1660. I don’t mind immigrant’s. What I mind are people that come here and don’t want to be American. If I were to move to say Japan, then I should be willing to speak a new language, obey new laws, and accept new customs. NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND . I’m glad your friend likes it here. I hope he does well. But we need to end autobirth citizenship for children of non us criminal invaders, we need to build a VERY BIG wall and minefields and guard towers with lights and heavy machine guns. A country that cannot control its borders is not a nation. We need the UN out of the US and the US OUT of the UN. America has been badly damaged by 50 years of “unrestricted immigration”. All in all it has hurt us far more than helped. It CAN be fixed but it won’t be pretty. Anyone of any age, crossing the border at any time or point, without permission is an invading solder of an enemy nation. If we start treating them that way this will get better. If we don’t it will get far worse. I vote for better. For those that obey the rules , come here legally , become American . WELCOM! I don’t care about your color , religion, gender(or confusion) ,or who you chose to love ,live with or sleep with, or what language you speak at home. Its none of my business and I honestly don’t care. For all enemy invaders, who run up a foreign flag and say “this is the our land” . IMO the black flag is more than justified. (“Black flag” is a VERY old symbol meaning “No quarter asked or given. Victory or death”)

  3. revjen45 says:

    My grandfather was born during Freiheitfahrt to America, so I am not anti immigrant. What I am against is the tsunami of barefoot illiterate larval Democrats who are inundating our borders. There is a difference between legal immigration and uncontrolled flow of low skilled disease bearing parasites, which the Left tries to obfuscate. Maybe ICE should get some AC-130s.

  4. David G says:

    Sure, they are welcome………

    As long as they stop at the front door and knock.

  5. LarryArnold says:

    we need to build a VERY BIG wall and minefields and guard towers with lights and heavy machine guns

    Back in the days of castles the defenders discovered that there is a conflict between the circumference of a circle, C = 2 pi€ r, and the area of a circle, A = pi€ r2. It takes more warriors to guard the wall around the castle than can comfortably live in the castle, particularly when you must also shelter non-combatants. So villagers lived outside the castle, and took shelter inside during danger. Cities fared a bit better, but were still extremely crowded.

    And that was before the invention of cannon which would destroy walls, and aircraft that could fly over the walls and land anywhere inside.

    I submit that anyone who wants to wall-off the southern border should ride the route it would take, on horseback.

    • Ray says:

      And I submit that it worked for China for 3000 years until the Mongols invaded during a power vac. They were assimilated and became more Chinese than the Han. A wall may not work. But a minefield with 2 million mines to the mile 20 miles wide from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico will. Then revoke every phony “green card”, every phony Muslim / Mexican / African “amnesty” and RUTHLESSLY deport ALL of them that did not enter with permit. Period. We ether control our borders or we are not a nation. We are a subject people of an invading army. Just like China under Kubla Khan.

  6. staghounds says:

    Maybe after all that he has changed his mind. Surely there’s someone who will marry him…

  7. Jerry says:

    Very impressive resume. my question is, “how is one born in China by accident?” Was one of his parents American? There are rules, i am ignorant of how they work in China, regarding American parentage.

  8. matt says:

    Oleg, a good friend of mine is an immigration judge and former immigration attorney, on both sides of the fence. After talking to him, the best thing your friend can do is find a good attorney with immigration experience. Basically, as you’re probably well aware, doing right, the legal way, isn’t cheap. I’d recommend my friend, but he’s moved on to deporting violent criminals by the bus load.

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