Last call on firearms training near Nashville

Today, I discovered that one of the two class links in my previous posts was malformed…maybe that’s why only a couple of people signed up for the class by Monday 13. The rifle course has three students signed up, the pistol course only two. If five people total don’t sign for each class, they’d have to be cancelled…which would be a waste of a unique opportunity. Tatiana is a superb trainer, and it’s unlikely she would have time to make another trip to TN in the near future.

Use friendsofoleg2017 discount code to save 15% off the listed prices. $148.75 is a heck of a deal for the quality of training you’d receive. The last year’s classes went very well. If you have any questions, contact her or me.

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2 Responses to Last call on firearms training near Nashville

  1. "lee n. field" says:

    first link is broke

    good price. not that I’m going to come from NWIL to Nashville for it.

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