Florida friends

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4 Responses to Florida friends

  1. Dan says:

    No guns, but hot babes. I’ll allow it!

  2. LarryA says:

    I never did understand heels.

    That said, we just watched our DVD of “Hidden Figures,” and got to see Katherine Jackson run half-mile sprints in them to get to the only “Colored” restroom.

    Probably way too sexist to be an Olympic sport.

    • LCB says:

      LarryA, we just watched it tonight. Sadly, although they make the rest room thing a big deal, it wasn’t true. But all in all a very good movie.

      I really like the 3rd picture. Pixy comes to mind the way she’s walking on air!

  3. SAM says:

    Off topic but I don’t think any one reading this blog will mind;
    From James Wesley, Rawles just added on https://survivalblog.com/notes-for-tuesday-april-25-2017/
    Breaking News: The BATFE has reversed part of its notorious Open Letter on mis-use of arm braces on pistols, now making it clear that “incidental, sporadic, or situational ‘use’” of an arm brace wherein it contacts the shooter’s shoulder does NOT constitute a redesign and hence it would not make the owner subject to prosecution. Thankfully, common sense has prevailed. Hopefully President Trump will announce far more gun law reforms at the upcoming NRA meeting in Atlanta!

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