1.5MOA AK rifle

Century C39v2, CMC trigger and a 1-4x scope on a railed top cover add up to a super accurate AK: 1.5MOA with Federal Fusion, 1.75MOA with Red Army Standard. Pretty amazing for the platform. The rifle ended up heavy once the optic and the Hailey Ordnance blast shield are added up, but it’s very comfortable to shoot, runs like an AK should and shoots one hole groups at 25 yards. I will be posting a full review and target photos sometime later this month.

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  1. J. Smathers says:

    Any luck locating your VZ58, Oleg?

    I’ve taken mine about while traveling and have put a fair share of rounds through it. Can only imagine how furious I’d be if someone deprived me of it.

  2. Ray says:

    MMMMM…Why? I thought the whole point of the AK was to have a “fighting carbine” light enough to carry all day, hard hitting enough to kill at “normal combat range” (0 to 300 meter) and simple and rugged enough to survive the battle of Stalingrad. This whole”turning every weapon into an AR-15 MOA sniper system” thing is getting a little silly, and just go’s to show how glutted the market has become with, cheap, “assault” type firearms. The AK in all its military forms illustrates everything I love about Russian small arms. “Bomb proof” reliability and Rock bottom simplicity. All without the pounds of silly Barbie doll bullshit that seems to have infested the AR worshipers (and shooting community as a whole) minds as “required”. The only thing it takes to “perfect” the AK is Tritium night sights and more ammo. P.S. The compulsive need to hang optics of any firearm is getting goofy. I’m surprised that mutant doesn’t have a “quad rail”.

    • Lyle says:

      I can see a decent point in there, once I filter through the almost religious fervor. The old “iron sights only” fervor has been over-played, considering that most major militaries are now using optic sighted carbines in large numbers.

      It is entirely possible to mount an AK with a co witnessing, micro reflex sight, which improves targeting speed and works in all lighting conditions, while adding only about four or five ounces.

      I appreciate the classic weapons (including 19th Century black powder arms) as much as anyone, but it is a fact that there have been some useful innovations since 1947. Refusing to acknowledge that is rather silly.

      • Paul Koning says:

        Speaking of optics, I remember a news clip of some firefight somewhere in the middle east, showing a terrorist firing an AK47 with a scope on it. I don’t think he was firing from the shoulder…

  3. Naaman Brown says:

    I will point out that the cover with rail used on that gun is NOT the usual loose rattling dust cover with add-on mount rail I’ve seen marketed for . It is designed and constructed to be a stable scope mount.

    That said, I shoot my M70AB2 Kalashnikov style rifle in modern military rifle match at the local gun club; guns must be as-issued format to compete; I could participate with a dressed up AK or AR but the score would not count toward standings.

    I think it is interesting that the AK and AR can be modernized and accessorized. I have no interest in doing so, since my interest in military guns is historical more than practical or tactical.

    But I cannot understand the criticism of people who choose to try modernization of their own hunting or self-defense firearms.

  4. Lyle says:

    We got a number of sub two inch groups at 100 yards with a Vepr in 5.56 mm using cheap Russian ammo and factory iron sights (the longer barrel with its longer sight radius didn’t hurt). I think a lot of the AK’s reputation for inaccuracy came from people who either weren’t shooters, tried worn out AK’s, or simply had an agenda.

    For some perspective, the U.S. Military accuracy requirement for a rack grade M14, during the short time that it was standard issue, translates to five or six inches at 100 yards. Therefor to say that a 4 MOA AK is “inaccurate” is to compare it to a long range sniper rifle rather than a battle rifle.

    It became so fashionable to mock the AK as inaccurate that we’d get kids who never even handled one telling us the AK “couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn…from the inside!”. Hah hah funny funny, but dumb.

  5. Bill says:

    See how it shoots at 100-200 yards. 25 yards is aimed pistol fire. What do I care how a RIFLE shoots at 25? If you can’t shoot a one-hole group at 25, you have a
    shitty rifle (or shooter) indeed.

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