“You can’t fight the City Hall!” Perhaps, but…

The state, be it the USSR, the Third Reich, The Peoples Republic of Trashcanistan, or the United State of America, can generally defeat a lone dissenter. The only difference between the dissenter being armed or not is the amount of effort and the resources required. That logistical load doesn’t scale well past a certain point. The British Empire found that out in Ireland around 1920 — they could have held onto the island by force, but at greater cost than the place was worth to them.

A single dissident can be escorted to jail under a mere threat of force. One with a rifle might fall to a SWAT team or surrender. It’s possible to scale up the force and use self-propelled cannon and an infantry section to take down a dozen dissenters, but that tends to spread the misery too widely for the rest of the  population to support. And a few hundred thousand people who have the same goal, perhaps something as unambitious as being left unmolested, and are willing and able to resist…they might be left alone in favor of an easier target.

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  1. Dan Frain says:

    In April of 1916, there was a rising in Dublin. After a few dozen people were killed and a few hundred wounded, the leaders surrendered to a superior force rather than have their whole city destroyed around them. They had limited support among the Irish people, most of whom just wanted to be able to earn a living.

    The English shot the leaders in Kilmainham Gaol, making them martyrs for Irish freedom. When they tied James Connolly to a chair so they could shoot him, almost the entire country was outraged.

    THEN the revolution started.

    Oleg, I really like this picture and hope to share it. I’m not sure that Facebook will say “Dan shared Oleg’s picture,” but I hope it does.

    Is a watermarked version available, please, so that you get credit for the picture and the meme? It is rather a classic thought. Thank you.

  2. Brian Tucker says:

    1946 battle of Athens, TN i.e. The McMinn county war proved once and for ever the true meaning of the 2nd Amendment, which is why you never learned about it in public school.

    • Centurion_Cornelius says:

      YO! The “Battle of Athens.” Those men did not risk life and limb in WW2 to come back to McMinn County, TN, and become slaves to evil and crooked politicians. HELLSFIRE! Those Vets fought tougher scoundrels in Fortress Europa or the Pacific and whupped ’em. What the hell was a few piss-ant crooked politicos “back home?”


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  4. Dienekes says:

    Inasmuch as stupidity and evil are intertwined, it’s worth remembering that your enemies are often incompetent, delusional, and hamstrung by their own kind. Doesn’t mean that they can’t do a lot of damage, but sooner or later things implode. The trick is to make fewer mistakes than the bad guys.

    Hitler’s Third Reich is a good example.

  5. Liberty4Ever says:

    Thank you for this, and every single one of your inspirational and educational images. I’m collecting them. 🙂 And I share. 😀

    I agree with you that watermarks are distracting. I’d even go so far as to say they detract from the art. I can definitely understand how you would take pride in your art with a message, but at this point you hardly need to identify them. Your style is as distinctively iconic as it is beautiful. Almost everyone who is fighting to preserve the right to keep and bear arms immediately recognizes your wonderful images as distinctly and obviously yours. I think it’d be easier for someone to pass off a van Gogh as their own work.

  6. Bowman says:

    There is something truly uplifting (not to mention sexy) about that young woman in the photo.

    The ‘state’ can only subjugate the populace by force of arms. Those who do the bidding of the state (po-po’s in particular) must know that a steep price will be paid, in their blood, to do so.

  7. Reno Sepulveda says:

    The 2nd Amendment, for many Americans has become just another excuse for impulse shopping.

    Exercise or atrophy.

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  9. Joe x says:

    I have always thought Lugers were sexy too. Especially on a pretty girl.

  10. revjen45 says:

    There is nothing like a photo of a lovely woman and fine weaponry.

  11. Paul Koning says:

    Then again, if the propaganda is effective enough, the state can kill 80 or so people with impunity. See Waco.

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