Help a victim of dog mauling.

My friend Erin Palette had her face chewed up by a dog this morning. The damage got partly fixed, more will have to be done to repair functional and cosmetic damage to the face. For reference, a very small cut to one of my fingers cost over $3K in medical procedures and therapy. Her injuries are rather more extensive.

I am fortunate in that no pieces were missing. The plastic surgeon said it was a “good approximation” and that’s apparently a good outcome. I required over 50 stitches. I have no idea if I will suffer scarring or loss of function. Right now I look like a zombie victim from The Walking Dead. I can only partially open my mouth and talking is difficult as half my lips are literally stitched together.

If you’d like to help out, the fundraising is here. If you can’t help with funds, at least spread the word please.

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