LAR9 carbine: new in OnTarget

Rock River Arms LAR-9

(My photos, review by Massad Ayoob)

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4 Responses to LAR9 carbine: new in OnTarget

  1. anonymous says:

    Its interesting design, but I wonder why the company didn’t use the factory Glock 9mm magazine instead of this one. Plenty of those around, and would have made for a good pistol / carbine carry combination.

  2. Lyle says:

    Talks about the nifty barrel fluting, but no pictures of it.

    Ditto on the mags; it should take at least some kind of pistol mags, and Glock is an obvious choice being as they have 30 rounders.

    Wake me up when they come out with the LAR10, and Glock makes a 30 round ten mag.

    Seven and a half pounds is not light, no matter how many times you repeat that it’s “light up front”. That’s heavier than the M1 Carbine, which your grandfather used, is more powerful, less expensive, and which also doesn’t share magazines with your pistol.

    One of the potential benefits of having a pistol and a carbine in the same caliber is lost unless they can also share magazines and use the same loads. And so, if the compromise in power doesn’t buy you that total commonality, I’d go with a higher power cartridge in the carbine.

    Looking at it as having ARs in 5.56 or etc. and in 9mm, without regard to any ammo sharing with any pistol, then the 9mm makes sense as a lower powered option having the same operating system and ergonomics, but why not have it all when it’s just a matter of deciding to have it all?

    He mentions the potential for wounded defender handling, and the trigger pull, but what’s charging pull? In my experience with weak people, charging the weapon is often the big challenge, and some of the blow-backs can be kinda bitchy in that regard. Charging any AR with one hand, for another thing, is something I do not see addressed, in this article or generally.

  3. Ray says:

    I went down to my local G&A to by some 7.62 ,and saw/heard the following: A 20 something guy walks in with a gun case. In it was an almost new DD AR-15 with all the bells and whistles. He told the gun store owner that he paid $2000 for it last October. The gun store owner offered $ 400 for it saying: “There is one exactly like that hanging over on that wall for $750. It has been there all summer. I can’t sell S&W AR15’s for $400”. The 20 something looked sad and said: “$400 is the best offer so far”……. The carbine/black rifle market is so glutted that I wouldn’t sink money into one. Gun stores are going under for lack of sales around here, and IMO we will soon see 1990 “Norico AK” prices, for most “black rifles.” Supply & Demand. Supply is VERY high and Demand is VERY low. So why would I want to sink money into a carbine? Money that I would be unlikely to recover for 10 years or more. When I can get a top of the line AR pattern rifle for 10% of its pre Trump price.

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