Henry Long Ranger

Lever action in .243Win (also .223 and .308). Feeds from 4-round box magazines. I saw no point in duplicating numerous .223s I already have, and .243 kicks a lot less than the other option.

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4 Responses to Henry Long Ranger

  1. Malobukov says:

    How do you like it? Is accuracy comparable with a typical bolt action? Any stoppages?

  2. Ray says:

    I think the .243 is a better round than the 223/5.56. It is certainly a better hunting round for whitetail deer. Henry makes a top notch rifle. I would expect that not to change with this model.

  3. Rivrdog says:

    There IS a reason to have a levergun or boltie in .223: in case the gun grabbers ascend the throne again and outlaw ARs, AKs and other military-derived semiauto rifles. If the times and circumstances are not propitious to begin hostilities to restore the Constitution, one should have manual-action rifles which chamber the military calibers. I have two choices in 7.62×51: Ishapore Enfield and Savage 99E.

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