A good question.

And the answers vary from “criminal intentions” to “treason”. Or well-meaning stupidity of such magnitude as to preclude a successful election campaign…so very unlikely.

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Full Sabrina

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Girls and Boys


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Then and now

Awesome people.

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Portrait in infrared

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Glock 19 with a flourish

From Fighting Sheepdog. Combination Cerakote and KG Gunkote.

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KSG25 review on Shooting Illustrated

Kel-Tec KSG-25 Shotgun

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Two new articles on AllOutdoor

A 3-round AR Magazine that Fits In Your Grip


MTR Tuckable Holster


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Time machine of sorts

A couple of friends came by during their honeymoon back in 2004, and this was one of the photos made. I just edited it. It’s interesting to see how people evolve…and the photos provide a reference for how they once were.

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Corset holster in use

Dene Adams corset holster actually works pretty well, and has mag pouches as well.

And, of course, it goes great with the classic Czech iron. With modern ammo, it works fine.

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Straw hat

Incidentally, this is the model from the cover of Gods Defense book.

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Two sides of the same person

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On gas prices

Typically, price of gas reflects the expected restocking costs. If a station sells gas for 2.20 but has to re-stock at 2.40, they lose money. Moreover, rising prices are generally a problem for gas stations, not a boon. Gasoline is a break-even item, as it’s a perfectly generic product, so most stations cannot charge significantly more for it than the competitors. The money maker for them is the attached convenience store. So rising prices that discourage people from refueling as soon reduce the income from coffee and sandwiches. “Price gouging” is merely raising the prices enough to be able to restock the next week and to avoid running out of product completely, so that people would still come in and buy something at the store part of the station.

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Propellant packaging

This compressor packages propellant for air rifles.

Some of those rifles are small and throw 10 grains at 575fps.

Others, slugs up to 411 grains at 800fps.

I’ve used a hand pump for my Crosman Marauder, but it cannot produce the pressure required for higher end air guns. My stopgap solution is filling a large carbon fiber tank whenever access to a compressor happens. In terms of usefulness, air guns are a lot like percussion guns, only without quite as much noise, with no smoke or soot, and without powder, cap or wad expense.

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A new verb proposal

To stalingrade something: to reduce to ruins with artillery and bombs. A portmanteau of Stalingrad (in its 1943 state) and to grade (meaning to reduce slope of a surface to a minimum).

Example of use: “More than a few people worldwide would approve stalingrading the seat of their own national government.”

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Portraits old and new

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What’s in the tin?

Did she bring enough for everyone?

A slightly exaggerated rendition of both effect and capacity, but a neat movie fragment nonetheless.

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“This machine kills Fascists”

Works on Commies of various stripes, too. Peace and Love, right?

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Better Grips for the Smith & Wesson Victory: new on AllOutdoor

A new Tandemkross accessory for the S&W .22 pistol.

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New edits of old photos.

Back in 2009, I edited one image from a shoot because its strangeness appealed to me.

This week, I edited two more conventional photos because I learned more about editing and could do a better job than before. Photos like these are an interesting time capsule. How does the model look today, eight years later?

Starting from a color digital file, I could do precise color to B&W conversion, edit tone curves extensively, do a lot that would have been nearly impossible in the conventional darkroom. Some geniuses, like Misha Gordin, can do miracles with enlargers. I prefer the crutch of Photoshop. And a philosophical comic strip addressing nudity.

My Facebook link to this post was removed. Curious to see if the reference to the famous statue would also get removed.


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