The difference light color makes

I can’t recall if the murals were on the same building or nearby…on a different building, I think.

The mural above was probably based on the famous photo of Benny Moose. The macho man of Italy was mounted on a horse, and the groom holding the horse in place was retouched away.

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Purple Pixie Power: new on American Shooting Journal

Amiee Williams

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Five years apart


Five years ago, to the day.

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Psychic for Sale (Rent to Own)

Amie’s third book in the Special Division Force series is now available as an e-book.

The first book of that series, Psychic Undercover (with the Undead) is now also available in paperback.

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SVT40 and the evening skyline

I’ve seen photos of Marines with SVT40 rifles, and I’ve seen them in striped shirts. Never both in the same image.

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Follow-up bike questions

Looks like I narrowed the wish list down to a mountain bike with trapezoidal frame, full front and rear suspension, gel seat. Not concerned about the weight or about having more than one gearshift range. If possible, would prefer taller handlebar position for more upright riding.

Looking for specific model recommendations, ideally under $5K fully configured. Less would be just fine. The main goal is getting exercise in reasonable comfort and without getting too bored.

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Bicycle recommendations needed

I’d like to get a bike for recreation and exercise. Efficiency and effectiveness of the ride are not high on my list of requirements, stability and safety of use are. Looking at the various models today, I had the following impressions:

  • I like wide, off-road tires for grip and stability
  • I prefer more vertical sitting position
  • I prefer drop frame to straight frames for ease of dismounting
  • I like cowlings over the chain to keep the pan legs out of it
  • I like mudguards

I am undecided on the question of suspension. In theory, for mixed road and off-road use, double front and back suspension would lead to smoother ride. Would I be giving up controllability and ease of precise steering with the softer suspension?

What safety gear and wear would I want, besides a helmet? Elbow, knee, hand protection?

I am less concerned with the cost of the bike than with getting it right for me on the first try. Since I don’t care about super light weight, perhaps that would partially offset the other features I seek. I also don’t care if the frame is traditional mens or womens model, so long as it fits my requirements.

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Twisted Industries AR lower: new on AllOutdoor

Rails on the Mag Well

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Hospital carry: new on AllOutdoor

Hospital Carry: the Next Frontier for the Right to Self-Defense

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An Italian adaptation of my article about gun control now available

About Alleged and Observable Goals of Gun Control. Controllo delle armi: scopi dichiarati e scopi reali a confronto

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For long walks under the moon…

…bring a companion.

Jericho PSL 9mm compact.

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A modern viking


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ATF still life

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A new Boxer Uprising?

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1.5MOA AK rifle

Century C39v2, CMC trigger and a 1-4x scope on a railed top cover add up to a super accurate AK: 1.5MOA with Federal Fusion, 1.75MOA with Red Army Standard. Pretty amazing for the platform. The rifle ended up heavy once the optic and the Hailey Ordnance blast shield are added up, but it’s very comfortable to shoot, runs like an AK should and shoots one hole groups at 25 yards. I will be posting a full review and target photos sometime later this month.

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X-ray-ted photo

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Sig ammunition is pretty good.

It’s one of the few brand extension based on new research rather than badge engineering.


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PKM might have odd ergonomics, but it is a very reliable design.

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What can the Brits do?

With proper ammunition, even an over an under shotgun can be a formidable weapon in a pinch, but the issue with the UK is that what weapons are owned may not be carried. That reminds me unpleasantly of New York and similar enlightened places. No wonder that places like that stay vulnerable to attacks, while Switzerland and the better armed American metro areas have had few successful terrorist events. Perpetrators usually lasted just long enough for the locals to figure out that their actions weren not accidents.

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New edits of old portraits, 2009

Photos freeze time…the person in them grows, changes for better or for worse, but the time slice remains distilled and preserved.


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