A right and a responsibility.

Ukrainian translation of my poster about self-defense.

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28th anniversary

My parents and I arrived to American May 23, 1989. Glad we moved! It’s been an interesting time so far.

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This image should show up as the thumbnail on the puritan social media sites like Facebook. Click on the link to see my photo. I don’t feel like losing access to FB until a more useful general social network develops.

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Another custom rifle by Fighting Sheepdog

Watching Jen make op cans dance at 50 yards standing is always fun. And it’s a lot easier to get correctly posed photos if the model isn’t just pretending competency.

Fighting Sheepdog

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Safety rules, now in Italian

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Maximum Pink

Zastava CZ99 rifle, a .22 rimfire bolt action advertised as a youth model. In reality, it’s more like a compact but hefty carbine for adult shooters. Pretty nice build quality. A full review is in the works.

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Two new articles on AllOutdoor

Recommended Sight Upgrades for Kel-Tec SU16


A long gun trainer for the back yard.

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Safety rules aren’t rocket surgery

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The big and the small

Accuracy International in .338 Lapua Magnum in the hands of a veteran…and Crickett Precision Rifle in .22LR in the hands of the next generation of marksmen.

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Umarex steps up to support Alexis

Last March, Alexis was in a car accident and injured her right shoulder. Later November, she re-injured the collar bone on the same side. That made practice with full weight firearms impossible.

Enter Umarex Morph 3x, a very lightweight convertible BB gun (2.5lbs in rifle configuration) supplied to her for rehabilitation training. Intended for use at ranges up to 15-20 yards, it should be ideal for getting her back into shooting practice with less chance of further re-injury.

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The multi-faceted AR15

Advanced but still recognizably classic 5.56x45mm AR15 by KE Arms.

DSG Arms mag pouch detail.

The same shooter with the new model 5.7x28mm AR57 upper on a GWACS Armory polymer lower.

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White Bonnet

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On the importance of eye protection

The risk to the boy’s vision, above, is pretty obvious. The cock of the gunlock blocks some of the debris from reaching the right eye, but the left eye is unprotected. While blinking offers some protection to the eyeballs, our reflexes aren’t always rapid enough…and getting fragments of burning priming powder, frizzen sparks or flint chips on the eyelids isn’t much fun, either. The danger is reduced but not eliminated with percussion and cartridge firearms, though the danger there is more from ricochets, gas leakage and splashing of lubricants.

Shooting without eye protection may be more authentic, but it’s a considerable risk. he same is true of shooting without hearing protection: blank shots aren’t very loud, but live rounds can damage hearing. Flesh-colored molded plugs won’t stand out, and neither would period-correct glasses. Fortunately, this young lady used glasses during actual live fire events.

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Florida friends

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And a very rare photo…

…something in it is naked, and that’s not she.

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Tatiana Whitlock

An article about her with my photos.

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Once an object of desire…

…until the first time I tried it.

Turned out, Beretta 12S is an ergonomic nightmare, with badly designed sights and safety. The back-pressure from the sound suppressor also threw gunk into the user’s face from the ejection port. Had submachine guns been in wide civilian use, they would have improved a lot quicker than in our reality…there’s no substitute for a large non-institutional user base when it comes to refining a product.

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The cats of yesteryear

Two furbies from 2007.

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“Because it’s fun!”

While many learn to shoot for practical reasons, most get into it for fun. But the entry barrier can be high, not just in regulatory and technical aspects, but in the lack of knowledge or confidence to try a potentially dangerous hobby. That’s no different from learning to ride a horse or a motorcycle.

So let your friends have fun by taking care of the process for them at first. We can always use more allies and even just non-hostile political bystanders.

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