Two legal persons, one body

While at dinner in Minneapolis, my parents and I sat next to conjoined twins. When I did a quick search for the question I had (which head controls which limbs), it turned out the articles were actually about the specific pair sitting next to us. Besides the usual thought — “their predicament makes most people’s problems seem less significant” — I also wonder how the law handles the issue of two legal persons occupying the same indivisible body. The right hand literally doesn’t know what the left one does. They would also make a great case study for “nurture vs. nature” theories, since nurture would be very nearly identical.

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CZ SP01 AccuShadow

In Krystal Dunn‘s capable hands.

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The local photo printer utterly failed to preserve detail in the white of the flower above. Any suggestions for a good web based print shop that can do a good job on properly set up files?

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And speaking of less mainstream images

My Plausible Deniability has new entries.

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How fetishes form (NSFW)

This gentleman, a Swiss officer in charge of marksmanship training, endured some friendly ribbing about the short rifle he brought to the even dominated by long-barreled Sig 550s. In the US, short barrels are restricted and so get attention. In Switzerland, they are merely “short-range toys for the lazy”.

Similarly restricted rifle mufflers (sound suppressors) get oohs and aahs, but in New Zealand they are no more noteworthy than mufflers on cars. When people photograph automobiles, they don’t usually emphasize the exhaust because it’s so commonplace.

Human ears and hair, here and now, are seldom fetishized because they are in the open everywhere. The same is true of ankles. However, a conversation set in 1867 described the contemporary British view: “I am as fond as the next man of a pretty ankle. I don’t blame you. But don’t tell me that the price is not fairly marked.” Where hair and neck are seldom in view, people wrote sensuous — and repressed — poetry about those. And, behind the facade of decency, Calvinist or Moslem or some other, the more restriction were piled on, the greater the discrepancy between the official virtue and the abuse of actual people.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Living in America is an awesome boon. Some of us paid for it, others had parents or more distant ancestors do the work for us. Either way, it’s worth celebrating. While this country has better parts and worse, there’s no law against leaving the less savory states and adding to the future electoral weight of better locations. In my case, by moving from New York to Illinois to Minnesota to Tennessee, I improved my circumstances and the company I keep. The gentleman above is just one of many who populate my America and make it a better place.

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Tired reader

Another image, NSFW

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Various looks of the same person

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A true sign of an effete civilization…

…is the reluctance to initiate warfare, rapine and bloody mayhem, like true servants of benevolent gods do. Instead, we wait, like little scared bitches, for others to start the fight so that we can end it without guilt.

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Automatic vs. Semi-Auto: new on Alloutdoor

How government regulations retard progress.

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Review of Riton 2-7x Scope: new on AllOutdoor

An inexpensive optic with useful features.

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Two new videos

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Tennessee just gained another great guy

John is now local to us.

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Country girl

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Road blocked ahead by trash?

I’ve brought a broom.

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Just looking…

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Dark eyes

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A boy and his dog

“Inside every old man is a little boy, wondering what happened…”

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“With all this excitement…”

“…I can’t recall if I fired six shots or only five. But being as this is a seven-shot Nagant, you don’t have to ask yourself if you feel lucky, punk. You aren’t.”

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Vintage portrait

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