Big 3 East portrait series

One of several portraits made during Big 3 East trade show, of a representative from Tactical RX. The company makes shot-resistant glasses (plain or with corrective lenses) that can stop steel shot at ten feet. This girl can shoot, too.

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Flint River Armory CSA45 mark 2 is coming soon

While at World Rimfire Challenge in Alabama, I met with the new lead designer from FRA and returned the CSA45 I had. The original, while very promising, under-delivered on accuracy. He promised a revised version and I expected to see something minimally different. Not so!

The new version of CSA45 exceeded my expectations:

  • Uses Glock magazines rather than proprietary mags, which also makes loading much easier.
  • Much lighter and better balanced.
  • Uses standard AR15 buttstocks.
  • Has a much superior longer rail with plenty of slots.
  • Has much stronger ejector.

The design will evolve a little more, in part to reflect my input, but it looks like a serious competitor to MPX (albeit in 45ACP rather than 9mm) and far superior than UMP. Hopefully, the new barrels would provide good accuracy. We should know for sure in a month.

A friendly ammunition maker may be offering a new load for it, 185gr with an all-copper expanding bullet loaded with slower powders to maximize velocity from the 16 inch barrel. 1400fps is the expected velocity and, like all offerings from that makers, it should have excellent accuracy.

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LAR9 carbine: new in OnTarget

Rock River Arms LAR-9

(My photos, review by Massad Ayoob)

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Incentive to help out Erin Palette

Anyone donating over $125 to help with Erin’s medical expenses after a mauling by dog, would receive a large photo print of their choice from me. You can pick images from my gallery and I will have the largest print practical from the original file drop-shipped to you.

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Help a victim of dog mauling.

My friend Erin Palette had her face chewed up by a dog this morning. The damage got partly fixed, more will have to be done to repair functional and cosmetic damage to the face. For reference, a very small cut to one of my fingers cost over $3K in medical procedures and therapy. Her injuries are rather more extensive.

I am fortunate in that no pieces were missing. The plastic surgeon said it was a “good approximation” and that’s apparently a good outcome. I required over 50 stitches. I have no idea if I will suffer scarring or loss of function. Right now I look like a zombie victim from The Walking Dead. I can only partially open my mouth and talking is difficult as half my lips are literally stitched together.

If you’d like to help out, the fundraising is here. If you can’t help with funds, at least spread the word please.

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ETS Speedloaders: new on AllOutdoor

Glock speedloader, others.

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Boberg XR9-S is gone. Long live Bond Bullpup.

The difference between the two is entirely in favor of the newer iteration:

  1. Coated locking block and barrel make grease unnecessary.
  2. Wooden grips are nicer than the old plastic ones.
  3. List price is lower ($977 vs. $1100+ for the Boberg pistol)

Looks like a win to me. Fully supported barrel that’s long for the slide, great accuracy, smooth trigger and very mild recoil, thanks to the rotary breech. And 7+1 capacity in a 6+1 grip size.¬†

It does require properly crimped ammunition. Fortunately, pretty much all defensive ammo and about half of the practice ball are crimped. Think of that as buying high octane gas for a race car.


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Fundraiser for a friend

My neighbor Dustin is fighting a bitter custody battle against his ex-wife. He’s a good man, and a great father, trying to get his children out of an unsafe environment. The kids are everything to him. So I am helping and hope that my friends can help him too.

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Post-ap done with more realism?

The only obviously missing aspect is some backpack for carrying useful sundries.

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The whites of their eyes

6-30x FFP scope

(Now without a typo)

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Desktop wallpapers

Century Arms C39V2 with Accupoint 1-4x on a TWS railed cover, and Hailey Ordnance .30 Praetor suppressor.

Kel-tec RFB 24″ with Vortex 4-16x scope, Viridian C5L laser, and Hailey Ordnance .30 Praetor suppressor. Supported on a lightweight Tango Down ACB4 bipod.

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My article in Blue Press

My article about reloading pistol caliber cartridges is out in Dillon Blue Press October issue, on page 62. For best layout, download the file and view it in “facing pages” mode.

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A good question.

And the answers vary from “criminal intentions” to “treason”. Or well-meaning stupidity of such magnitude as to preclude a successful election campaign…so very unlikely.

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Full Sabrina

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Girls and Boys


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Then and now

Awesome people.

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Portrait in infrared

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Glock 19 with a flourish

From Fighting Sheepdog. Combination Cerakote and KG Gunkote.

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KSG25 review on Shooting Illustrated

Kel-Tec KSG-25 Shotgun

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Two new articles on AllOutdoor

A 3-round AR Magazine that Fits In Your Grip


MTR Tuckable Holster


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