One of the Lucky Gunner shoot organizers

Angela with Kriss 45ACP submachine gun

Angela not only did much of the shoot organizing but also ferried cold water and ammunition to shooters all day. She’s looking pretty fresh here despite the many hours spent running back and forth in the heat!

Kriss | EOtech | Lucky Gunner

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9 Responses to One of the Lucky Gunner shoot organizers

  1. darkknight9 says:

    She has pretty, intense eyes. I’ll bet she makes a very focused organizer.

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  4. Gregor says:

    She looks a bit unhappy. Has been probably the most photographed person this day 🙂

  5. R. says:

    Seems that even the sun shines more brightly in the land of the free.

    Her pupils are really, really small.

  6. Camtec says:

    Now that is a beautiful girl.

  7. Joe S. says:

    Pretty girl. Professional model or what? Regardless, she look’s very professional, I wonder if she’s a shooter>

  8. Titular Head says:

    Oleg, are you sure you were at the right event? It looks to me like you were at the Yummy Gunner shoot. 😉

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