Say Uncle’s new holster for M&P9

At the Lucky Gunner shoot, I got to see an awesome set of gun-leather made for Say Uncle by Michael.

Both Michael and his wife Jennifer wore holsters of his making, and they stood up very well to the wear and tear of daily use. I recommend.

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7 Responses to Say Uncle’s new holster for M&P9

  1. falnfenix says:

    i’m a huge, HUGE fan of Michael’s stuff…and i’m thrilled to see it here yet again!

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  3. AdaM says:

    WOW – that combo is gorgeous. Love the red and black.

  4. North says:

    Another big fan of Michael’s work. And that logo is one I’ll wear proudly.

  5. Rob Reed says:

    I finally got my report up on the Lucky Gunner Blogger shoot. You’re in my video compilation shooting the BAR.

    I have a couple other pics of you I can e-mail you later. Resizing them for the stupid Examiner upload limits was too much of a PITA.

    Great to finally meet you!

  6. Six says:

    I am also a huge fan of Michaels. He made me a competition rig for my long slide Glock35 in brown basketweave that is absoolutely gorgeous. Here’s a link to some pictures.
    His work is top notch, solid and reliable.

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