Summer-time carry solution

(Don’t just throw a gun in your pocket. Use a good quality pocket holster, such as JS or Galco)

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3 Responses to Summer-time carry solution

  1. Will Brown says:

    I get the message, but as someone who wears shorts most of the time (and carries a gun as often as the law allows) I can attest that the only style of shorts that don’t badly sag are those with belt loops. My scandium frame .32 mag S&W 431PD in its Uncle Mikes Sidekick pocket holster doesn’t weigh appreciably more than the pictured example, and every pair of shorts I own will sag around my ankles from ordinary movement (walking around, getting in and out of the truck, etc) unless there’s a belt holding the whole ensemble up.

    It’s a good message, but the choice of pictorial prop is a bit misleading IMO.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I used my own shorts. I carried a P32 in it while in Florida, but PF9 fits just as well w/o sagging. Maybe narrow waist helps?

  2. Frank Prumagio says:

    I’m not putting anything in my shorts that doesn’t cycle reliably. Wouldn’t want anything else in there exposed to a bad example.

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