Open Office loses a file?

I wrote a review article about six months ago. I had it open this week for updating. Apparently, Open Office Writer crashed and the article somehow disappeared. “Recent Documents” list doesn’t contain it. I looked for it on my two hard drives and can’t find anything with the required title or the keywords…any other suggestions for how I can search? This is all under Windows 8.

I can re-write, but would rather not do that.

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4 Responses to Open Office loses a file?

  1. Carl Nelson says:

    If you have previous versions turned on, you might be able to recover it through that. Open the directory, right click in open space, choose Properties, and look under the Previous Versions tab. There’s a full tutorial here:

    Good luck!

  2. RB says:

    Also in your normal windows views, enable show hidden files. When Open office is open, it keeps an active backup.
    Example if I open “myfile.ods” there will be a “.~lock.myfile.ods#” hidden, that you may be able to recover from

  3. Skips says:

    Live boot a linux OS, and use Grep.

  4. daniel obrien says:

    Go to your back up files….

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